Auditory Processing Disorder

What is Auditory Processing Disorder?

Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) affects how people hear by making it more difficult to distinguish between sounds in words. Children with APD have trouble processing sounds and determining meaning from what they hear. Small differences in auditory perception can have difficult consequences for a child: simple classroom lessons can turn into jumbled puzzles, and important information from parents, friends, teachers, and coaches can go unheard and unprocessed. Think of everything you tell your child to keep them safe, informed, and aware; APD can cause that information to come across scrambled and make little to no sense, especially when background noises are amplified in noisy environments. Symptoms of APD include:

  • Difficulty following conversations
  • Easily distracted by background noise
  • Frequent misinterpretation of requests, conversations, or any other auditory information
  • Easily confused by figurative language (metaphors, puns, or similes)
  • Difficulty processing and remembering language-related tasks; less difficulty with interpreting or recalling non-verbal sounds (music, nature, outside noises)
  • Prone to ignoring people in normal conversations (out of confusion rather than indifference or attitude)
  • Confusion between similar-sounding words

How Can St. Louis LDA Help?

Our process for assisting and supporting your child is tailored to their specific needs and disability. We schedule consultations with the child’s parents or guardians to determine what issues the child is experiencing and the logical next steps our staff should take to provide the best possible environment for their learning process. Our in-house clinicians provide comprehensive testing practices to pinpoint how your child is affected by Auditory Processing Disorder, including cognitive and behavioral assessments. It’s important to remember that a child and their parents don’t have to go through this process alone—St. Louis LDA is here to provide detailed testing, tutoring, and ongoing support every step of the way.