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Newsletter – June 2018


The LDA Leader Student Issue provides an opportunity for students to share their experiences about how they were able to overcome their learning disabilities–and how St. Louis LDA helped them learn, develop & achieve in their own unique way. If your child/student is interested in contributing to the December 2018 Student Issue, contact socialmedia@ldastl.org.

If your child/student is interested in contributing to the December 2018 Student Issue, contact socialmedia@ldastl.org.

My Time at St. Louis LDA

By Emilie Messmer

As a child, I was always a shy and introverted, and I had a learning disability. My learning disability was attributed to language and comprehension. Since I was very young until I was about 15 or 16 years old I always had a tutor to help me with English and Mathematics. We primarily worked on English and Comprehension as that was a struggle of mine, and I did ask for help in other classes like Mathematics and History. By the time I was enrolled in St. Louis LDA’s tutoring program I was about 11 years old and going into middle school. After several tutoring sessions with my St. Louis LDA tutor my skills of comprehension were improving at a relatively steady rate. However, as I continued with St. Louis LDA my improvement skyrocketed and by the time high school came around my English and Comprehension level improved and had mostly leveled out with the rest of my classmates.

I went to St. Louis LDA from the ages 11 to around 16 years old, and with their assistance I improved my education at a faster rate than anywhere. In high school, I was able to get into honors English and later even advanced placement English. I was in honors for Biology and History. My main struggle had always been Foreign Languages, however, as time went I improved on how to study languages and mathematics. My skills in these areas had significantly improved by the time I graduated with my Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Composition.

It was during my roughest years as a high school student that I found that St. Louis LDA gave me the tools to help me get through higher education. I had left St. Louis LDA due to achieving enough knowledge on how I can learn and improve on my own. I was able to manage my time, with my many extracurricular activities and class schedule. Once college came around, I was used to being able to maintain my studies and personal time on my own. Now as I study my Master’s Degree for Film and Visual Media Scoring abroad in Ireland, I have realized how much I have grown not only as a student but also as a responsible adult. There are so many lessons to learn from meeting new people and gaining knowledge from someone who is willing to help you. With thanks to St. Louis LDA I learned to ask for help, and they taught me how to communicate with my teachers and educators with ease. My experience with St. Louis LDA is not one I will ever forget; in fact, they helped me become who I am today, and for that I am grateful.


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Early Childhood Outreach

Pre-K students understanding of the life of a caterpillar in their drawings.

St. Louis LDA strives to help even the youngest students grow and reach their potential. Through teacher training and development, we give schools the tools to reach those in their care who are struggling in the classroom.

“Through Grace Hill Settlement House’s partnership with St. Louis LDA, we have been able to bring teachers understanding of curriculum development and children’s learning to the next level.”

-Erin Weeks, Educational Coordinator

Student Success Story

Hunter* is a 12th grader who started receiving tutoring services at St. Louis LDA when he was in 10th grade. Over the course of these two and a half years, Hunter has blossomed into a confident and conscientious student with a great work ethic and a desire to not only complete his classwork at a high level, but also do the extra work necessary to gain a greater understanding of the concepts presented. He has developed effective study skills that will serve him well as he continues his education at a prestigious university in New York in the fall. His experience at St. Louis LDA has been a very successful one and he has been a pleasure to work with.

– St. Louis LDA Learning Specialist

*Student’s name changed

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