Closures and Inclement Weather

Inclement Weather Policy

We have teamed up with Fox 2’s School Closing system, News Channel 5’s Stormwatch and Channel 4’s Warn Weather to offer your family three viewing options for office closures. If we close the office due to the weather, these three stations will list that St. Louis LDA is closed on various newscasts. It will also be listed on their respective websites:, and In the event of a large number of closures, business listings are often bumped from the newscast in favor of schools. If you do not see our listing, please check the listed websites or call the St. Louis LDA office at 314-966-3088.

In addition, we will be updating our Facebook profile, which can be accessed through the link on our website Make sure you add us as a friend to receive the most up to date status updates for office closings and upcoming events.

Hopefully with all of these steps in place, you will be well informed in the event that the office will need to be closed due to weather. If you have any questions about this policy or would like to update your preferences, please contact the office at 314-966-3088.