Below are a select list of titles available at the LDA library for your reference. Simply stop by the office to check out one of these or many other great references!

Raising Resilient Children - Books and Goldstein

Raising a Thinking Child - Myrna Shure

Smart Kids with School Problems - Priscilla Vail

Touchpoints - Brazelton

It's So Much Work To Be Your Friend - Rick Lavoie

I Can Problem Solve - Murna Shure

The Hurried Child - David Elkind

The Motivation Breakthrough - Rich Lavoie

The Out of Synch Child - Carol Kranowitz

Lost At School - Ross Greene

Overcoming Dyslexia - Sally Shaywitz

Failure to Connect - Jane Healy

Endangered Minds - Jane Healy

Or view selected video, "Fat City", by Rich Lavoie