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If you don’t know where to start, it’s impossible to know where you’re going. The world of special education can be confusing and stressful for children, parents, and educators alike if they aren’t equipped with the proper resources. St. Louis LDA’s individual consultations give you access to the information and tools you need to help your child succeed, and our advocacy services help you navigate unfamiliar situations. If your child has a learning disability (such as dyslexia and other language impairments) and/or other challenges to learning (such as ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder), reach out today and see how we can help create their optimal learning environment.

What Is An IEP?

If your child has a learning disability, an Individualized Education Program (IEP) is crucial to their future success. It can be immensely frustrating for a child, parent, and teacher to feel helpless when trying to provide a fitting learning environment. An IEP helps remove the frustration that stems from one-size-fits-all solutions and will eliminate issues that doesn’t contribute to your child’s success. An IEP should be followed by the student, teacher(s) and other educators involved, and its specific guidelines will aid in tracking the student’s progress.

How St. Louis LDA Helps Your Child

St. Louis LDA provides individual consultation and personalized advocacy for parents and can help you to understand what is necessary and available for your child. We offer a range of services that are customized and dedicated to your child’s specific needs:

IEP reviews and diagnostic reports to solidify strategies that are custom-designed to foster your child’s growth.
Consultation to best identify services and resources. We can help provide you with crucial information and the peace of mind that your child is receiving the help needed.
Attendancat IEP and 504 Plan meetings to collaboratively identify and establish appropriate programming for your child.
College placement and advocacy services, when applicable.

Once an IEP is created, our job is not yet complete. St. Louis LDA’s program is unique because we have our Educational Consultants continue to check in and ensure that the IEP is being followed. We understand classrooms can be chaotic for teachers, but we help ensure that they are supporting your child’s IEP and assisting them in every way they can.

Contact St. Louis LDA at 314-966-3088 or to find out how we can help your child learn, develop, and achieve.

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