Contract Services

For specified, comprehensive solutions for your students, St. Louis LDA’s Educational Consultants are here to help. We offer a variety of contract-based services that are tailored to meet the needs of your school and classrooms. We recognize that every school is unique—for solutions as diverse as the range of learning disabilities that challenge your students, reach out today and see how our services can help your school.

Educational Consultants

Our consulting experts offer multiple services for your educators, so we can collaboratively find the best solution for your classrooms:

  • One-on-one meetings with educators to determine best practices. We will discuss teaching styles, methods, and concerns in the classroom.
  • Classroom observations to ensure students’ learning styles and disabilities are accounted for.
  • One-on-one tutoring services with a certified special educator.
  • Student portfolio development and student support plans (SSPs, 504s, and IEPs) written by a educational learning specialist.
  • Flexible scheduling based on your hours and day-to-day operations. Our Educational Consultants’ schedules can accomdate 10-25 hours per week at your school to identify strengths and key areas for improvement.

Why St. Louis LDA?

The St. Louis LDA difference revolves around our hands-on, customized approach. We recognize that a solution that works for one classroom in one school may not have the same effect in your environment. That’s why we approach every school with an open mind; our Educational Consultants have years of experience that put you in the best possible position to help your students succeed. Contact us today to see how St. Louis LDA can take the unique learning environment you’ve established to the next level.

Contact St. Louis LDA at 314-966-3088 or to find out how we can help your child learn, develop, and achieve.

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