St. Louis LDA’s one-on-one tutoring program offers school year and summer tutoring sessions. We help children from the elementary school level all the way up to college level, with or without a diagnosed learning disability. Students who haven’t been diagnosed or who are suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) may need additional support so they can maintain pace with classwork. Our certified Learning Specialists provide the tools and resources necessary to help your child learn independently and gain confidence, including tips and tricks designed to improve how they learn and interact with others. Reach out to St. Louis LDA today and see how our tutoring program can help your child learn, develop and achieve.

What Will My Child Gain From St. Louis LDA’S Tutoring Programs?

Our experienced Learning Specialists offer specific solutions that best serve your child’s unique skillset. This includes:

  • Flexible scheduling; after-school tutoring sessions can be tailored to your child’s availability.
  • Identification of which subjects and learning methods your child excels in, areas for improvement and how to build on their strengths to help them meet their current academic requirements.
  • Reading tutoring sessions to strengthen writing, comprehension, and language skills.
  • Effective learning strategies and compensatory skills for children who need extra support.
  • Reinforcement of daily school lessons, so your child is able to retain the material more effectively.
  • Pre-teaching of new material.

When and Where Does Tutoring Take Place?

Tutoring consists of two 50-minute sessions per week—either on Monday & Wednesday or Tuesday & Thursday. Sessions are held at our office, and there is a standard fee for each session with semi-monthly billing. The twice-per-week tutoring schedule has been proven to help students understand topics and retain information, whereas once-per-week just isn’t enough to make continual progress.

Contact St. Louis LDA at 314-966-3088 or info@ldast.org to find out how we can help your child learn, develop and achieve.

What Parents Are Saying About Our One-On-One Tutoring

“He went from hating school to a straight A student – no more frustration.”   “At college my son would invariably get a B in one class and flunk the other class. He had no idea how to talk to his professors or figure out if he really understood the assignment. He has made great progress in recognizing that he really never understands the assignment and he must always clarify with his instructors. He did very well this semester. He go three As.”   “My daughter advocates better for herself and participates in class more due to more confidence. She is having success in math, where her LD is and overall success in her classes.”

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