St. Louis Learning Disabilities Association Testimonials

I have learned so much that I never thought I could.

Sixth Grade Student

I have referred many parents to LDA so that they can access the variety of services LDA provides. All parents rave about the services provided by LDA and are thrilled that they have found people who truly understand how their child learns and how it impacts the entire family.

Special Education Teacher

We are very happy with the program and feel our daughter benefits from it more than any other tutoring she has been given.


My son was struggling in high school. An LDA consultant went with me to meetings with his school and was able to get him the services he needed to be successful, whether it was extra time on tests or rewarding of material. Getting my son what he needed was first and foremost on my consultant’s mind, and it was obvious not only to those of us in the room during the meetings, but also with my son. He still talks about her!


I want to thank you again for the hope and confidence my son now is gaining due to assistance and guidance we received from your organization.

Last year my son was struggling in school, both academically and behaviorally. He had “hated” school for so long, and we never could really understand why. He was doing poorly in his classes, fighting with his teachers and hanging out with other kids who had also “lost hope.” We had tried seeking help from other organizations, but to no avail. By the time we came to you, all he talked about was dropping out at age 16 and getting into trouble.

Now, after your diagnosis of various learning disabilities and with regular therapy through a language therapist, he is doing so much better. He has been on the honor roll for the past three quarters and now talks about graduating and at least “trying” college. I just got a report on his behavior for this past quarter, and he has met his goal for focusing and being involved. All in just one short year!

I am so glad that he finally has a chance to succeed and be the best that he can be. We had him tested at school, and, as you predicted, based on the way he scored, he did not qualify for any assistance. Had we not gone through you, I don’t know that we would have considered outside language therapy, and I know we would not be in as good of a place as we are now.

Thank you for all your help, with a special thanks to Barbara Talent!

Thank you so much!

Tutoring Parent

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