The St. Louis Learning Disabilities Association, Inc. (St. Louis LDA) is a non-profit organization specializing in offering dedicated support for your child’s future . The benefit of trusting us rather than other learning disability schools is that we are dedicated to the growth of our students, rather than profits. When you contact us, you will speak with our CEO, Pam Kortum . Pam works with every parent and guardian to determine how we can provide the appropriate support for your child. From there, we work to identify if your family is eligible for need-based financial aid and help out with the necessary paperwork.

We Invest in Your Child’s Success

With over $295,000 provided through reduced rates and need-based financial aid in 2017, you can be sure that we’re working toward a bright future for every child. St. Louis LDA is committed to sustaining programs that provide support to anyone who turns to us for help. St. Louis LDA doesn’t just teach your child—we invest in them. We are proud to offer financial assistance to any qualifying family.

Help Your Child Grow with St. Louis LDA

At St. Louis LDA, we want to work with you to get to know your situation and find the best solution for your child. Our experienced staff provides a broad range of services to help your child succeed. Over 98% of our students demonstrate marked improvement academically as we provide the support needed to help them grow into capable, self-sufficient learners.

Contact St. Louis LDA at 314-966-3088 or to find out how we can help your child learn, develop and achieve.